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How We Grew Online Sales 5X
For A Plant-Based Snacks Retailer In 60 Days



The popular New England plant-based health foods producer and retailer partnered with Above Average to increase their D2C Ecommerce sales shortly after their wholesale business took a heavy blow during the pandemic.

Mostly considering themselves wholesalers before the pandemic, Healthy Truth had never fully committed to monetizing their Shopify store or marketing themselves to consumers.


Our job was to rebuild Healthy Truth's eCommerce model and marketing strategy to attract new customers, increase retention, improve AOV and LTV, and drive online D2C revenue.

Main Challenges

Dozens of Facebook Ads running without a strategy
  • Only 2 campaigns in Facebook Ads: one for Lookalike audiences and one for existing customers.

  • Both campaigns were serving identical ads, copy, creative and offers to wildly different audiences.

Google PLA campaigns not optimized or attended to
  • Product data and images not optimized for ad placement. 

  • Only running 1 generic campaign for all products. 

  • Revenue tracking not set up, so ad performance was not being measured accurately.

Neglected email, their highest sales channel
  • Emails were inconsistent and had low open rates due to dull subject lines and content.

  • Current email platform did not connect with Shopify, so segments and automations couldn't be configured properly.

Frequent discounts cheapened the product and brand
  • Ads, email campaigns and social media posts centered around deep discounts. 

  • This strategy can work for some companies, but for an organic health foods brand, regularly slapping discount stickers on products is seen as a red flag to their target buyers.

Our Approach

Local Facebook Ads

Healthy Truth has been featured in multiple local media outlets and had video acclaim from pro athletes across New England and the northeast. Leveraging this content, we created engaging video ads targeting audiences in these regions.


Campaigns were segmented by both buyer's journey stage and location, each developed with strategic angles, offers and value propositions consistently tested and refined. 

Sales Funnel Optimization

We restructured the landing page, product pages and navigation to simplify user experience and improve the conversion path. To increase subscriber rates, we installed an opt-in pop-up programmed to appear for new site visitors, converting at about 36%.

Google Shopping Ads

We optimized product images as well as the content displayed on each product page to perform better on search engines, then corrected the Shopify product feed data syncing into Google Merchant Center.


For enhanced keyword targeting and re-marketing, we segmented Shopping ad groups by product category, and finally enabled dynamic revenue tracking to measure sales and track conversions accurately.

Email Marketing

As part of the tech stack upgrade, we moved our client from Infusionsoft to ActiveCampaign for its seamless Shopify connection and powerful contact segmentation and personalization capabilities. Alongside the Healthy Truth team, we planned educational and engaging email content for four audience segments: Prospects, New Customers, Repeat Customers and VIP Customers.


Within these groups, we segmented further to deliver highly relevant messaging that speaks directly to the individuals interests and buying preferences.


Automations were also created to nurture new subscribers and customers, recover abandoned carts and re-engage inactive customers. Altogether, our weekly email campaigns and automated workflows generated close to $202k over 90 days, with an average open rate of 31%. 


Within 2 months of our launch, the updated Facebook and Google Ads customer acquisition program improved monthly sales by 2X with the same ads budget.


Cost per order decreased by 54%, acquisition costs decreased by 21.9%, and ROAS increased by almost 4X. 


Across existing customer accounts within the same time period, total monthly sales grew another 3X through concentrated email and SMS re-marketing efforts, and sales funnel optimization.

image (20).png

$433,906.12 of total revenue added in 60 days

image (20).png

77% increase in new customer acquisition

image (20).png

Sales into existing customer accounts grew 3X

image (20).png

Email campaigns generated close to $202,000 over 60 days

image (20).png

2400% overall marketing ROI 


See what's possible.

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